Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I get to pick my materials?

Yes, but the quality of the materials is entirely dependent on the value of the claim and what you feel comfortable spending to restore your home. Also, the original materials may not be available or may be too expensive for your claim, necessitating a change in material to one similar in style but more budget friendly. 

How long does the process take? 

It depends entirely on the scope of the restoration. 

I want to change something, how does this work? 


What is covered, how & why? 


Will I have to move out during this process? 

Again, it depends entirely on the scope of the restoration. 

Can we re-allocate money from one thing to do another? 


How do you (MC) get paid? 

To ensure a steady pace and avoid hold ups, we front the financials throughout the claim, but expect checks to be endorsed over to us as they are received by you, the insured. That said, we fully expect payment upon completion of the job. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure your insurance is prompt in sending you the claim checks. 

What will I have to pay out of pocket? 

If you make any alterations to the already agreed-upon plan (such as material upgrades or additional painting), you will have to pay for those items if there is no room left in the claim budget.


Can we use our friend that does this type of work (list trade, etc.)?

Because we are the lead contractor, we prefer to work with vendors and subcontractors that we have already vetted and know are fully insured for the job at hand.  

What is a supplement?