Minimize Your Home's Damage

Trust us for water damage mitigation in Fairhope and Daphne, AL

If smoke or water damages your home or business, you'll want to mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. McMurray Contracting, LLC provides smoke and water damage mitigation right here in Fairhope and Daphne, AL. Our team can quickly remove any water from your property and remove any materials that were damaged by smoke.

Once your property has been safely cleaned up, you can start the renovation process. Contact us today to get started.

Prepare your home for restoration

McMurray Contracting knows how stressful it can be to have your property affected by a fire or flood. When you need smoke or water damage mitigation services, rely on us. We'll make your property safe again by:

  • Testing the environment: We'll inspect the condition of your property and identify any risks.
  • Mapping moisture: We'll map out all the wet areas and start cleaning and drying ASAP.
  • Using infrared cameras: We'll locate and remove any water that's hiding in your roof, floors or walls.

You can rest easy knowing our water and smoke damage mitigation experts are on the job. After we complete the mitigation, we can also handle any necessary interior renovations as well. Call us to schedule water or smoke damage mitigation today.

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